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Saturday TBD

Contact for details 

Saturday 9:30 - ? Painting Jam

The Biomech Paint Jam which is free to anyone attending the Empire
State Tattoo Fest. Students from the Biomechanical Composition seminar
will get pointers and critique from Guy, but everyone is welcome to
bring art supplies (or their tablets of course) and get into the
creative vibe. The evening will include both solo and collab projects.
Drop by the Guy Aitchison's booth during the show for location info.

Saturday 4-7 Building a Great Tattoo Business

 Building a Great Tattoo Business
To be great you must organize your talents, work, and businesses for
success. If you are tattooing for a living then you are a small
business. If you don't understand the nature of business, then you are
spending more energy and getting less out of your hard work. In this
seminar artists, managers, studio owners, and apprentices will learn
to think about all the details of a professional business plan as it
relates specifically to high quality professional tattooing. Topics
covered will include clearly defining your mission, how to build a
strong business foundation, assessing your target markets,
establishing branding, comparing competitors, clearly defining your
services and products, human resources management, and how to track
your vital statistics to insure your businesses fulfills its
potential. We have watched and helped artists in all stages of
careers, from aspiring artists and managers to artists of exceptional
influence, and are happy to pass on the great ideas that have helped
us achieve our goals time and time again as well as important mistakes
made so you dont have to..

New and improved for 2019.

All Taking Place July 19-21st at the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo, NYC Manhattan at NYC Hilton Midtown 

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